Salt Chalet

Salt Chalet Arizona is a unique microclimate that mimics the salt mines found throughout Eastern Europe. The therapeutic nature of these mines was first discovered many years ago when miners reported significant improvement in respiratory conditions after having spent hours below ground in salt mines.

Benefits of Salt Therapy


Halotherapy is known to alleviate symptoms and provide therapy for asthma sufferers. Our salt room air is permeated with negative ions, which clears breathing passages and lungs.

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Cystic Fibrosis

While there is no known method proven to fully cure this hereditary disease to date, it was revealed in medical trials that Halotherapy can substantially alleviate the effects of the disease.

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Lung Infection

Our state-of-the-art salt room utilizes halotherapy, relaxation lighting, and constant salt vapor flow to alleviate the often self-aggravating symptoms of lung infections.

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Hay Fever

Ear Infection


Chest Tightness

Bronchiectatic Disease

Smoker’s Cough (Including Secondhand Smoke)


Cough With Viscous Sputum Discharging With Difficulties

Dry Cough

Paroxysmal Cough With Distant Rates

Frequent Acute Disorders Of Respiratory Tract

Dry Rales (Mostly With Low Tone) Changing Its Localization During Auscultation


Multi-Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome

Sinusitis/Sinus Inflammation




Respiratory Allergies To Industrial And Household Pollutants






Salt Chalet Arizona

Your Oasis for Healthy Breathing

Salt Chalet Arizona proudly provides halotherapy to the greater Phoenix, AZ region with our state-of-the-art salt room that mimics the unique microclimate of a natural salt mine. The air in this room is permeated with negative ions, which clear breathing passages and lungs.

Recent medical studies have shown that salt rooms can also alleviate other conditions such as snoring, common colds, seasonal allergies, wheezing, smoker’s cough, influenza, and chest tightness. We look forward to providing you with a healthy breathing experience!

Salt Therapy

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“The Salt Chalet is a hidden wellness treasure in Arizona!! My experience in the salt room today was incredible and it far exceeded my expectations. I have had life-long allergies and sinus issues- within the first five minutes, I could feel the benefits of the room on my skin and throughout my sinuses...”

Mia M.

“Great experience and looking forward to returning. Greatly helped with sinus, allergies and asthma problems.”

Becky M.

“Tuesday experience was greater than I expected, I will be returning!!!!!!”

Lillian W.

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