The Salt Chalet is a hidden wellness treasure in Arizona!! My experience in the salt room today was incredible and it far exceeded my expectations. I have had life-long allergies and sinus issues- within the first five minutes, I could feel the benefits of the room on my skin and throughout my sinuses. The gentle transition of colored lights and soft music create a wonderful and relaxing experience. Being in the room significantly reduced my stress of a very busy week and uplifted my mood. The owners are very friendly and easy to talk with and I highly recommend experiencing the Salt Chalet to anyone who is interested in their well-being. Pavel is a brilliant and authentic advocate for both wellness and health. You will be in great hands! I look forward to supporting him and shining the light on the incredible benefits of his salt rooms! Thank You Pavel!

Mia M.

Great experience and looking forward to returning. Greatly helped with sinus, allergies and asthma problems.

Becky M.

Tuesday experience was greater than I expected, I will be returning!!!!!!

Lillian W.